Triple Bill

Triple Bill

three one act plays in English.

Without A Script

Written & Directed by Soham Mehta

Featuring Rishi Goswami, Radhika Dinavahi, Ninaad Vaidya, & Soham Mehta 3 actors and a crew member are called to the first rehearsal for a new play. They arrive to find no script, no playwrite, no director. But there is an audience!


Written & Directed by Sara Kumar

Featuring Ninaad Vaidya, Chaitan Jain, Artee Kumar, & Preity Bhagia

Aaron, an American journalist, arrives in India with his friend Rohan to do a story on Indian food. Aaron, who was adopted as a child by American parents, discovers that his biological mother is Indian. The

goal of Aaron’s trip to India soon changes. With the help of a picture and some adoption papers, Aaron and Rohan set out on a journey in search of a lost mother.

A Random Act of Kindness

Original Gujarati play “Kudarati” by Laabh Shankar Thaakar, Adapted in English by Genéviève Castelino

Directed by Yaksha Shah

Featuring Raj Bandyopadhyay, Raghupati Rao, Seema Sharma, Reetu Jain, Vikash Taneja, Surender Talwar, Sandhya Krishan, Rohan Shah

The hustle, the struggle, the pain, the joy and the suffering — what is it all for?  The playwright raises this question in the midst of an illiterate group of villagers in a remote part of India. By placing them in this environment they are freed from the technological trappings of a “developed world.” Through this farcical tale, we learn that even at this level humans seem to have lost the ability to be spontaneous.

Urban Indian Beat & Urban Gypsy will join us on August 15th-17th.

Gunjen Mittal will join us on August 22nd-24th.