Reincarnation Poster

An original play in English by Soham Mehta

Reincarnation depicts the story of five Indian-American twenty-somethings as they transition from student-life into adulthood. The story begins with twenty-three year old Aakash Desai, returning to Austin after spending the past six months in Houston helping his parents close down their lives so they can re-immigrate back to India. Aakash’s parents’ return to India propels him towards a soul-searching journey that serves as the center-piece of the play. Reincarnation unites comedy, drama, and Indian dance as we follow Aakash and his friends through the decisions that will unalterably determine the course of their lives.
Although the setting is American and the characters are Indian, the themes are universal. As we write the story of our lives, we all come to a decision, a fork in the road, that force us to ask the critical questions of ourselves: Who am I? What do I want? What is the goal of my life? This is Reincarnation.

Assistant Director: Shilpi Nagarsheth
Stage Manager: Artee Patel
Cast: Guru Singh, Vikram Kanodia, Arzan Patel, Tanvi Nagarsheth, Asif Sayani, Radhika Dinavahi, Richa Dubey