Naga Mandala

NagaMandalaPlay with a Cobra

written by Girish Karnad
directed by Soham Mehta and Sara Kumar
performed in cooperation with Stages Repertory Theatre

Combining two traditional Indian oral tales, Naga Mandala features a story-within-a-story. A cursed playwright must stay awake all night in the temple, and as he attempts to do so he meets the spirit of a Story who slipped out of an old woman’s mouth as she snored. The Story is that of a young bride who is neglected by her indifferent husband and attempts to win his affection with a love potion; instead, she enchants a King Cobra who begins to visit her every night while her husband is away.

a play in English featuring original music by the Shunya musicians
and dance choreography by Mahira

Stages Repertory Theatre
3201 Allen Parkway Houston, TX 77019

February 9th – February 25th
Fridays and Saturdays at 8 PM, Sundays at 3PM