Italian American Reconciliation

Italian American ReconciliationWritten by John Patrick Shanley
Directed by Ninaad Vaidya
a love story… sort of

Love has not been kind to Huey Maximillian Bonfigliano. Bereft of his wife, he has taken to the arts, but bad poetry and worse clothing can’t replace his ex. Against the advice of his best friend, Aldo Scalicki, and to the chagrin of his girlfriend Teresa, he decides to win back his ex-wife Janice, even though she killed his dog. Enlisting Aldo’s help, what follows is a hilariously over-the-top balcony scene as Huey, a man driven by desires he doesn’t understand, fights for a love no one else understands. Amid the antics of this comic play, we learn that, in the end, “the greatest–and only–success is to be able to love.”

March 10th – March 19th
Fridays and Saturdays @ 8 PM
Sundays @ 3 PM

Regular Price: $15
$10 if purchased by February 25, 2006
Gray Wolf Theatre
12440 Oxford Park Drive
Houston, TX 77082