Final Solutions

Final Solutions

Written by : Mahesh Dattani

Directed by : Guru Singh

The gripping portrayal of one man’s courageous struggle to overcome a vicious cycle of religious prejudice and how his tolerance freed both his family and his community from the hatred that kept them bound for decades.

Two young miscreants seek refuge within the house of those who scorn them and perhaps the shelter they seek can be provided by a young girl who reveals the differences that blind them all stand a far smaller divide than they ever could have recognized.

Final Solutions… How much have we grown to tolerate?

Mahesh Dattani, is one of India’s leading contemporary English playwrights. In addition to writing plays, he is also an accomplished screenwriter, actor, director, dancer, and teacher.

Diverse Works Art Space 1117 East Freeway
I-10 at North Main
Houston, TX 77002
October 21st – November 6th Fridays and Saturdays @ 8 PM – $13 (Advance)
Sundays @ 3 PM – $10 (Advance) All tickets are $15 at the door.

Special note: There is no show on Friday, November 5th. Instead, there is a second show on Sunday, November 6th.