Bricks and Lyrics

Bricks and LyricsWritten by : Abhijat Joshi

Directed by : Soham Mehta

Sanjay, a builder, sets out to acquire the house of Sandhya, a former freedom fighter and the widow of the poet Anaamik.  At first unyielding, Sandhya strikes a deal with Sanjay.   In exchange for the house, Sanjay must resurrect the memory of her deceased husband.  Sanjay’s search for the poet’s lost work uncovers much more than he expects.  A freedom fighter’s memory, a builder’s future, a poet’s final lines, and the history of a nation come together over one house…  Bricks and Lyrics.

Abhijat Joshi, a screenwriter and an award winning playwright, has written for such films as Kareeb and Mission Kashmir. His play, A Shaft of Sunlight, won the BBC World Serviceplay writing contest and Bricks and Lyrics was nominated for the David Mark Cohen New Play Award at the Austin Theatre Critics Table 2000-2001.

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