The Waiting Room Returns!

Dear Friends,

In late August Shunya was in the final rehearsal for our production of Tanika Gupta’s wonderful play “The Waiting Room” and anxiously following the weather reports as Hurricane Harvey approached. You know the next part of that story: Houston was devastated and most of the city shut down. We made the decision to cancel the remainder of the run of the production after our opening night and reschedule. I’m happy to say we will be carrying on with the production October 26-29, 2017.

Shunya is an all-volunteer troupe, and we, like many small theatre groups in Houston, operate on a shoestring budget. The cancellations have affected us seriously and has essentially wiped out our budget. We only have one week to make up what would have been a two-week run, so I urge you to come out to see the production.

To give as much of an opportunity as possible, we will be packing 5 shows into 4 days: evening shows on Thursday and Friday, a matinee and evening show on Saturday, and a matinee on Sunday.

You can donate to Shunya by buying a ticket here, or by the donation button here.
See you at the show!


In the wake of Harvey

American Theatre article about the effect of Hurricane Harvey on Houston theatre companies:

As those of you who follow Shunya know we had our opening weekend of Tanika Gupta’s “The Waiting Room” interrupted. With the continued rain we are waiting to see what we can try to salvage this upcoming weekend.

Meet our director, Bree Bridger

Photo of The Waiting Room's director, Bree BridgerJoining Shunya for the first time with our planned August 2017 production of Tanika Gupta’s “The Waiting Room” is director Bree Bridger. Bree has previously directed for Mildred’s Umbrella, Firecracker Productions, and Blueprint Theatre. Over the past several months she has been getting to know the Shunya production team and digging into the script.

“I’m SO looking forward to working with the great team at Shunya (who produced one of the first plays I ever saw in Houston) to bring this heart-warming story of a complicated family struggling to find peace, both in this life and on the way to the next, as long-held secrets are revealed. It’s a project we all believe in, and will bring heartbreak and laughter to audiences!”