Film Casting Call

Roshan Murthy is a graduate student at UT Austin and is looking to cast the following roles in his thesis film. Please email him if you are interested. His email address is

Yaksha Bhatt

Shunya Theatre


(Female. South Asian. Age Range mid-late 30’s) Stricken with acute myelogenous leukemia in her mid-thirties, she struggles to go through treatment while still being able to care for her six year old child before eventually succumbing to the disease.


(Male. South Asian. 5-9 years old) A fascination with technology and biology due to his mother’s illness lead him to double major in biology and electrical engineering. The protagonist ends up working as a bioengineer for GE in Milwaukee when he stumbles upon a way to possibly bring back his mother using pre-existing data.

Author: Sanjay

Managing Director of Shunya Theatre