Casting Call for Magdalene by Sara Kumar



A new play by Sara Kumar

Directed by Stewart Hawley


Friday, February 24th 7 – 10 PM

Saturday, February 25th 1:30 – 5:30 PM

Spring Street Studios


Email to schedule an audition time.  Please bring a headshot and a copy of your resume.  Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared for cold readings from the script.

Actors will receive a stipend dependent on the size of the role.

The play will be produced by Paragon Arts ( in collaboration with the University of St. Thomas Center for Faith and Culture from May 4th – May 20th, 2012 at Obsidian Arts Space in the Heights.  Rehearsals begin March 19th.




Note that some parts may be double cast.

Magdalene:  A poet.  In the second scene, a younger actress aged 9 to 13.  For the remainder of the play, a woman in her mid to late twenties.

Martha:  Sister to Lazarus, Magdalene, and Silent Mary, thirties to forties.

Lazarus:  Brother to Martha, Magdalene, and Silent Mary, late thirties to forties.

Silent Mary:  Sister to Lazarus, Magdalene, and Martha, late teens to early twenties.

Devil:  A magnificent dancer (has no lines but must be a trained dancer)

Marketman:  A salesman, forties to sixties

Nurse:  Magdalene’s nurse maid, fifties

Miriam:  A young girl with one leg aged 8 to 12.

Elhanan:  A centurion.  In the second scene, he is 14 years old.  For the remainder of the play, late-twenties to thirties.

Shamir:  Elhanan’s younger brother, a soldier, twenties.

Adin:  A soldier.  In the second scene, he is 11 years old.  For the remainder of the play, twenties.

Doron:  A soldier, twenties to thirties.

Jesus:  The Messiah, called Rabbi by his followers, thirties.

James:  Apostle of Jesus, brother of John, thirties.

John:  Apostle of Jesus, brother of James, thirties.

Judas:  Apostle of Jesus, thirties.

Mary:  Mother of Jesus, late forties to fifties.

Mary of Suphan:  A holy woman, forties.

Dina:  A holy woman, forties.

Simon Zabulon:  A pharisee, forties.

Author: Sanjay

Managing Director of Shunya Theatre