1-888-DIAL-INDIA Featured Actor: AbhiRoy Cheema

AbhiRoy Cheema
AbhiRoy Cheema

Abhiroy Cheema is acting with Shunya for the first time in the role of Arun Gupta, the lead in “1-888-DIAL-INDIA”

Tell me about your theatre background.

My interest in Theatre developed early on in my childhood. I got my formal training in Theatre from Mr. Sudam Waghmare, in Mumbai who was an alumni from National School of Drama (NSD) Delhi & voice training from Mr. Pratap Sharma in Mumbai. I have been a part of several theatrical productions including those with Ekjute, Ansh & Upstage Theatre.

Arun can be a pretty coarse character, how do you think the audience will react?

In my opinion, there is an ‘Arun’ in everyone, only with different degrees of ‘check’ or ‘control’. In other words Arun is a character who takes his liberties and pushes his limits to get what he wants. Bad language is his tool to establish his superiority – and he is super confident. I think we can expect different reactions from different groups of audiences – some may find him funny, some arrogant, some outrageous and some may want to be him.

Author: Sanjay

Managing Director of Shunya Theatre